Ways how MS Teams can be leveraged for enhancing Internal Business processes.

The business world is changing. New technologies and ways of working are posing challenges to businesses. Employees, on the other hand, are overburdened with work and struggle to manage multiple tasks.

Traditional organizational structures do not provide employees with enough flexibility to manage their work while maintaining productivity. However, since the Pandemic, businesses have begun to work on their digital transformation journey and have adopted new ways of working remotely.

Companies are now using technology to create workspaces that blend in-person collaboration with virtual meetings, allowing employees to collaborate virtually from any location and quickly access important information.

Microsoft Teams has been a crucial partner in transforming how companies work and how employees communicate while working remotely.

Teams offer employees gain productivity by tackling business processes in the context of their work, rather than bouncing between disparate systems all through a single platform. It offers mobility and helps employees meet rising business expectations.

That’s the reason teams hold an estimated 270 million user base activelyworking via MS Teams. Let’s look at how Microsoft Teams can help firms innovate their internal business processes and improve how their employees work.

Microsoft Teams is helping change the game.

MS Teams is more than a chat and a video platform, a platform that can assist you to manage your internal processes as well.

Let’s dig into the multiple advantages that the Microsoft 365 platform offers:

  • Easy Integrations:
    Microsoft Teams offers integrations with other Microsoft products that can improve the flow and efficiency of your business processes. That means that your employees spend less time on overhead tasks like email management or document tracking and more time getting back to work on what matters most—your customers’ problems! With Microsoft Teams,one can:
    *Create new workflows in seconds (no coding required!)
    *Quickly share documents with teammates (or even external customers)
    *Send voice or video calls from within chats or meetings
  • Enhanced Communication:
    A team to work effectively, hold meetings, manage tasks, give presentations, and negotiate with customers need strong communication within themselves. Unlike Traditional Setups, for everyone to collaborate, everyone needs to be physically present. But with covid changing our working dynamics, Teams can host virtual meetings with your employees spread anywhere in the world in one place.
    The Tool allows employees to seamlessly switch from video conference calls, initiating messaging, real-time document, or file sharing, to connecting individually or all together as needed—all at a single platform.
    Now let your team collaborate with each on a single consolidated platform and reduce the frustration caused due to inability to communicate with each other.
  • Easy Tracking:
    No more time wasted on tracking team members’ performance. MS Teams is the perfect tool for managers to keep track of their team’s work and measure their performance without using any other tools. Managers can have a 360-degree view of all tasks on any project, and it provides aunified communication platform for both internal and external teams. Whether it’s regarding a single project or simply understanding which team member is performing the best, Teams provides it all. Save time with instant access to detail about each team member and never miss an important update again.
  • Easy Scheduling:
    Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of everything. But with the all-in-one, MS teams platforms, you’ll never miss another meeting again. With our system, you’ll be alerted every time there’s a new meeting for you to attend—whether that means an important one-on-one chat or a big team meeting. And because we know how busy people can be, we’ve also added a “group” feature that lets your team members choose whether they want the whole group to join in on the meeting or just themselves.
    With MS Teams, you have all the tools you need to make your meetings productive and efficient.

Say Hello to the New features added to Teams:

Teams is an ever-evolving enterprise solution that happens to expand its horizons to offer the maximum value to its users. Like most of Microsoft’s new technologies, Teams is also evolving and adding multiple applications each day.
With the Teams app store, one can search for new applications that one would wish to integrate.
Below are the latest additions:

  • MS Excel:
    Another feature added to MS Teams is Excel. Users can now access Excel documents while being on calls. MS Excel added to the Teams environment will transform the user experience.
    Now your team member can work withexcel documents in Microsoft teams and make changes to documents collaboratively with other users on the same document.
  • Collaborative Annotations:
    Another useful feature of the Teams platform is the ability to text, draw, and react to the content shared by other team members on the MS whiteboard. These annotations will help meeting attendees collaborate more effectively.
  • Power App Controls:
    More collaborative capabilities for team calls, chats, and meetings will be introduced with the integration of collaboration controls within Power Apps.
  • Live Share:
    Users can now share live feeds of their projects on the team’s platform with other team members in addition to completed projects.

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