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1 billion users, 10B Messages per day, Leverage WhatsApp to engage with your customers on their most preferred channel. 

WhatsApp AI Bot Features

Don't merely deliver text messages to your customers; instead, create deeply engaging customer experiences. With just one click, you can send your customers images, videos, audio files, and more and offer a seamless customer experience.

Use your WhatsApp AI Chatbot to find new prospects, welcome them with a contextual message, and engage in two-way conversations.

Engage with your customers and offer assistance throughout their purchase journey by seamlessly integrating your WhatsApp chatbot across numerous channels, including social media sites, websites, and Google Ads.

Engage in extensive, tailored interactions with your customers to provide a more comprehensive customer experience.

Offer Menu-Type List messages with up to 10 alternatives and Quick Reply buttons to make the entire customer conversation 3x faster and more seamless.

Without requiring customers to switch between several platforms, let them pay with an easy 3-click UPI payment. Additionally, remind them to make payments by sending regular reminders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whatsapp Bot provide its users with multilingual support?

Yes, the Whatsapp bot is quite effective at communicating with users in several languages. Customers may communicate in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Hindi, English, and Hinglish, etc. The WhatsApp bot allows users to communicate in their native language all while providing excellent customer service. 

Do Whatsapp bot boost sales?

Chatbots provide quick responses to consumer questions and fill the gap between service and communication to raise the standard of customer support. Customer support interactions with chatbots are precise and custom-tailored. Whatsapp bot increases sales by 67 percent, according to research. 

Are Whatsapp AI chatbots Costly?

The cost of the chatbot is determined by your company’s demands and other variables that require assistance. Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with a personalized WhatsApp bot to assist you with your business needs. 

Can customers use the Voice options to interact with the bot?

Yes, customers can both effectively use the voice and message options to converse with the bot. Customers can record their messages and send those voice messages over to the bot. The bot will understand their queries and offer solutions for a seamless experience.

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