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Create unique Slackbots to automate time-consuming tasks, engage users, and provide help round-the-clock.

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Commence conversations with your potential customers, collect vital contact in real-time and engage with them seamlessly with Slackbot.

Engage your consumers by conducting context-based discussions with them when they click on Ads on your website, and never let any prospective customers leave.

Understand what your customers want, analyze their needs, and assess numerous business aspects to provide the finest services possible.

Slackbot analyses user preferences to promote appropriate products, services, and content to increase engagement and correctly serve one’s needs.

With Slackbot, forget responding to monotonous questions and repetitive queries, instead focusing on more complicated problems, and leaving the rest to the bot.

With support from an AI-powered Slackbot, redefines communication and be accessible to your customers around the clock and never leave their questions unanswered.

Key Slack Statistics 2022

daily users
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Firms use slack for business communication
0 / 100
Average spent by a user on Slack
Retention rate of customers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Slackbot assist me with making the right business decisions?
Definitely, Slackbot assists businesses in taking appropriate decisions by offering useful insights like details about total leads generated, new unique interactions, number of new visitors, etc. This gives an idea to business owners to make the correct business decisions, frame ideal strategies, and engage with customers to put their best foot forward.
How does Slackbot provide optimum customer service to my website customers?
Slackbot is a chatbot that is available for your website traffic 24 7 and responds to customer queries instantly in real-time. It’s an intelligent bot that can handle a wide range of customer service requests. The best thing about Slackbot is that it can do this without any human intervention at all. Slackbot is also capable of handling complex tasks like ordering products, managing accounts, and providing updates on orders. It can also handle more specific tasks like booking an appointment, checking inventory levels, or providing a quote on products.
How much does it cost to build a chatbot application?

The cost depends on one’s business requirements. For more information, connect to us, and let’s discuss how can we build a Slack chatbot for you.

If you are interested in building a chatbot application, we will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide an estimate of the cost.

Can a chatbot be built with multiple languages?
Yes, a chatbot is completely customizable according to your business needs. It can be programmed to speak in multiple languages and provide solutions to queries in the language it is conversing with. Connect to us, let us know your requirements and we will build you a multi-language chatbot in no time.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn with Slack AI Chatbots