Create high-touch interactions with a Retail Chatbot

From omnichannel engagement to increased sales, improve every aspect of your customer’s shopping experience. Using the power of conversational commerce, you can provide the personalized service of a neighbourhood store on the scale of a multinational retailer.

Retail Chatbot Helps to Enhance Customer Experience

In-Store Assistance

Retail chatbots can be integrated into every customer touchpoint to provide a more streamlined customer experience. At the point of sale, assist customers with questions about item location, the right fit, and discount offers.

Holiday & Discount Promotions

Smart retail chatbots can be used to promote upcoming and ongoing offers that help sell more inventory and utilize this busy time of year when stores see the most foot traffic.

Assistance with Personal Shopping

With thousands of products to choose from, a smart product recommendation bot can assist customers in making the right choice. Use a virtual stylist bot to provide an unrivaled customer experience.

Increase your customer satisfaction with an AI Retail Chatbot

New Product Promotion

Use the power of conversational e-commerce to promote products by deploying a smart retail chatbot. With an omnichannel conversational experience, you can make it easier for your customers to find and buy products than ever before.

Spike in Seasonal Demands

Spend less time looking for information and be ready for any increase in traffic by utilizing virtual assistants to assist your customers' needs around the clock.

High Engagement Rate

Even though chatbots are a useful tool to have, you should never bombard your customers with chatbot prompts. Make sure your chatbots engage an active page around the 30-second mark to give the user time to digest the information presented on the site. may give your chatbot the impression of spam and put pressure on the customer, leading to the site abandonment.

Why choose Retail Chatbot?

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Increase in website engagement

Retail Chatbots Are Just the Beginning

Learn how Conversational AI Retail bots are helpful in various use cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insurance Chatbots help with Customers who have dropped off their plans of buying insurance?

It’s true that chatbots are quite effective in re-engaging customers in chats and converting them. AI chatbots for the insurance business retarget potential consumers with the aid of tailored communications, providing practical solutions, enhancing interactions, answering customer queries, offering customized policies, online KYC to relieve customers from tiresome form filling, etc.

Do these Chatbots offer information security?
Customers entrust insurance companies with their private information and expect the company to respect their privacy. Protected data is essential to building strong client loyalty, and chatbots prove incredibly effective in this regard because they keep all information secure in every way imaginable.
Do chatbots help in bringing in New Leads?

Yes, chatbots direct clients to customizable policies that are pertinent to their needs. Chatbots interact with users during the whole process, presenting them with additional offers that could be useful. Meaning that chatbots may not only generate new leads but also cross-sell or upsell those leads to increase conversions.

Does chatbot assist in decreasing operational costs of Having live agents available?
Yes, with a track record to solve more than 60% of customer queries on their own and solving the most monotonous queries in no time, chatbots free up your human agents’ time and allow them to work on more complicated cases. Thereby, chatbots drive more conversions on their own, assist insurance companies through the acquisition and support process and only divert the very complicated queries to live agents.

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