Utilize Digital Workflows to Enlighten Your Employee Base

Streamline employee requests by automating HR workflows. Use this tool to create customized employee workflows based on the needs of the organization.

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Attract, Engage, and Retain New Employees

Simplify onboarding process

Automate the overall onboarding process for new hires, from document submission and background checks to sending out welcome kits in a few clicks. Make the best first impression for your company with the best onboarding experience ever.

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Get real-time insights

While you focus on creating the right culture for your employees, our platform assists you by performing transactional tasks such as sending targeted ads to potential candidates and answering FAQs about the application process.

Encourage new employees

Key information such as induction schedules, organizational policies, FAQs, organization mapping, and 1:1 guidance is available right away!

Measure and Improve Employee Engagement

Scalability and adaptability

Our digital assistants can handle multiple conversations at the same time, automatically directing users to relevant information, raising support tickets, or connecting them with the appropriate agent.

Save time on unnecessary support tickets

HR agents in modern businesses play a variety of critical roles, ranging from increasing talent retention to managing employee well-being and payroll. This is where we come in helping you save time on unnecessary queries and support tickets.

Seamless Integration with existing systems

Our chatbots can work in tandem with your existing HRIS systems and databases. Raise support tickets and provide direct access to knowledge bases from the chat window.

Why choose HR Automation Solution?

Employee queries self-served
Increase in Employee Productivity
Improved ESAT

Reduce The Burden on Your Helpdesk with Our AI-Driven Virtual Assistants’ Real-Time Support

Learn how Conversational AI HR Automation bots are helpful in various use cases



HR is responsible for answering questions about vacancies, explaining the application process, and scheduling job interviews. However, these tasks consume a significant amount of time. They can provide information to applicants, answer questions, accept applications, and enter them into their own systems.


Onboarding New Employees

Human resource professionals understand how time-consuming it is to train new employees. The same questions are asked over and over, and the same processes are explained. They can also provide onboarding materials or shed light on the position’s set goals and expectations. This time can then be invested in interpersonal aspects of onboarding and team building.


Employee Education

Chatbots are an excellent medium for continuing education, and not just for new employees. Traditional employee training programs could be redesigned with the help of digital assistants. Employees can ask questions and get answers to their specific problems at any time. The chatbot to gain a better understanding of the training’s quality and employee satisfaction.


Internal Communication

Effective communication is essential for any business venture. Failure to manage it successfully will result in frustration and failure. Intelligent HR chatbots can help with internal communication by providing information, updates, assistance, and feedback.


Appointments & Scheduling

A simple text or voice request to the chatbot or voice assistant is all that is required to access calendars and schedule meetings without the need for additional email correspondence.


Company-specific FAQs

Employees waste a lot of time looking for simple answers. Often, however, it is merely a matter of knowing where to look. A chatbot streamlines this process by serving as a central hub for answering any company-related questions. Employees receive the information they require much faster, saving time while increasing productivity.

Rewards & Recognition

We are honoured to have received recognition from some of the industry's most prestigious organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an HR chatbot?

Chatbots can help your HR department accomplish more with fewer resources! Some of the advantages include increased employee productivity, a more meaningful employee experience, a better image as an employer, and attracting better talent to your company.

Which workflows can the HR chatbot automate?

Hiring, onboarding, employee training, HR surveys, and FAQ processes can all be automated with HR chatbots. Your employees can devote more time to more important tasks while the chatbot automates all functions that do not require human intervention.

Does AI power HR Chatbots?

AI and NLP are critical in providing the seamless experience that comes with using an HR chatbot. This enables the chatbot to respond to complex questions in natural conversational language. AI-powered algorithms are built to be self-learning, which means they become more natural with each interaction.

Where can I use HR Chatbots?

An HR chatbot can be used to streamline workforce processes in any industry. They are now used in HR scenarios in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, banking and finance, IT services, and a variety of other industries.

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