Create enticing customer experiences with Konverto, an intelligent data-driven Virtual assistant

Onboard, engage, retain, and grow a new customer base with a smart bot that works on supervised learning logic and assists customers. 

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Journey-based Dialog

Konverto tracks user behaviour and overall journey to offer a better user experience. Besides, it focuses on helping customers get converted with smooth interactions aiming at higher conversions.

Higher Conversions

AI-powered chatbots stay with customers throughout their journey. It engages them to convert them into sales thereby reducing the bounce rate and raising the conversion rate.

Personalized shopping assistance

Virtual AI chatbots comprehend customer requirements and assist with everything from product searches to product suggestions. Chatbots pique customer interest by providing a customer-first experience. As a result, customers adopt an optimistic mindset and readily convert into sales.

Conversational Automation for enhanced interactions with Konverto

Dynamic UI

Konverto's conversational UI delivers an exceptional user experience. The chatbot is easily customizable and can be implemented on any web interface. Head to the chatbot dashboard to directly make changes.

Collect customer Data

Chatbots interact with consumers and frequently collect crucial feedback while carrying out user surveys. The data gathered enables the company to better understand its customers and assist them throughout their journey while maintaining a good relationship with them.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

A chatbot not only interacts with consumers to convert them, but also upsells and cross-sells products based on their needs. This helps the brand and turns the prospective leads into paying customers.

Why choose konverto AI Chatbot?

Reduced business response time
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Cost saving while retaining quality output
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Increase in operational efficiency
Increase in upsell revenue
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Offer seamless conversations and enhance customer experiences

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Rewards & Recognition

We are honoured to have received recognition from some of the industry's most prestigious organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the konverto bot customizable?
Yes, Konverto bot is completely customizable according to your business requirements. Upscale/ Descale the bot accordingly whenever required and add more features along your journey.
Is it possible to advertise all our products through this bot?

Yes, it depends on the firm as to what things it wants to sell via the bot to its clients. Select the services you wish to provide to your target market at your discretion and let our intelligent AI-powered bot manage the conversions.

How could the bot’s reminders help customers?
The bot provides timely notifications to customers at each stage of their journey. Whether they have added something to their basket or left the payment page in the middle, the bot will remind them. These reminders turn potential customers into sales.
Will the customers be able to make a purchase through this bot?

Yes, the bot can assist customers to make a purchase by assisting them with the crucial steps to complete a purchase.

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