Take your employees from service desk to self-service with Dona.

An on-premises digital assistance tool designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and processes, delivering an all-encompassing solution for all your employee’s IT needs. 

What Problem Dona Solves


Reduce employee burnout and improve experiences by empowering them to submit issues directly with Teams instead of migrating to other platforms. Provide meaningful and faster resolutions with Dona.

Raise Tickets

An interactive Ai-powered helpdesk that efficiently communicates with the end-user, analyses issues, and escalates them to a dedicated agent to provide faster resolutions.


Add Dona to your workspace to automate responses from an AI-updated knowledge base while engaging with your users along their problem-solving journey.

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Dona Bot Features

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Dona, a workflow management tool that automatically adapts itself to let you login as a user or manager meanwhile handling the entire management.


Streamline the concern raising process by leveraging AI and giving your employees the most direct access to the IT dept with Dona on Teams

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Dona is seamlessly linked with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to login in to their Teams account and access the powerful AI Dona.

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Use Dona Intelligent Analytics to automate how you provide performance feedback to your agents by having an in-depth study of their performance at your fingertips.

Get comprehensive reports to track your team’s progress and let Dona aid you in having direct conversations and taking appropriate action.

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Use AI to answer your employees’ Office 365 questions just like a human in their preferred languages and make information available whenever required.

Teams Deep Integration

Use AI to answer your employees’ Office 365 questions just like a human in their preferred languages and make information available whenever required.

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Empower your users to raise any query from any chat message and get an update on the same with just a single click.
Don’t navigate to any other application, rather directly enter your ticket number or raise a new query by using the Dona integration with the Teams search bar option.
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Allow users/managers, agents, and Dona to participate in the problem-solving dialogue, understand progress, and fix problems on the go!

Rewards & Recognition

We are honoured to have received recognition from some of the industry's most prestigious organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to add our own ticketing system as backend of Dona?

Yes, absolutely it is possible to add your own ticketing system as a third party application like: ZOHO Desk, Fresh Desk or any other application which is available on market as a backend of Dona Bot.

How can we get this deployed in our organization?

In order to deploy EKAA bot on your Microsoft Teams for your organization, firstly you need to provide us with the subscription of Azure where we can have the access to deploy this chatbot and henceforth it will be connected with your teams application where your organization can get the access and use it effortlessly.

How much time will it take to build and deploy in my organization?

The time and effort to build and deploy the Dona Bot in your organization is totally depends on the functionalities and customization that you will bring to us.

How tickets are assigned to agents?

In current scenario the tickets are assigned to agents on the basis of the ticket amount that are already in queue, so the agent who have minimum number of tickets will be assigned with the particular ticket. Even you can have your own algorithm or another system to build some sought of tickets on the basis of your priority, impact etc.

Is there any limit on number of users that will use this bot?

There is no limit on the number of user while using the bot. As the number of user increases you need to get more resources for the backend so that you get the right access and run the bot efficiently.

How security and compliance managed in Dona?

Data Protection is our top priority. So, as long as your technology stack are set up securely and you take steps to ensure that your customer data is secure, then rest assured that your data is safe with the chatbot.

In Dona Bot, we use protocol, system and security to protect our users.

Use Dona, a comprehensive solution to all of your staff members' IT requirements.