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SAP Chatbot for Microsoft Teams delivers data-driven intelligence to you, including overall trends and specific insights. It helps your employees to be more productive and collaborate with each other while giving you a front row to the daily happenings of your business from anywhere in the world.

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Modern user Experience

The SAP bot offers a smooth and coherent user experience, where users can get answers without leaving their current workspace. Because the bot is mobile-friendly, you may use it on the move, or start a discussion with a comprehensive answer on your laptop.

Enterprise Collab

SAP AI Chatbot is a collaborative and intelligent integration of SAP with your Teams. It’s a simple, secure, and easy-to-use tool that provides a continuous connection between all members of your team, regardless of location or device.

Persona-based access

Unlike typical bots or chatbots, SAP AI Bot will distinguish the identity of each individual user providing access to all personal data based on their individual IDs in Azure AD. The bot ensures that users have access only to information relevant to them and prevents them from accessing information without their consent

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Increase in website engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SAP Teams bot enhance my business value?
Because the SAP Teams bot is a one-stop shop for your team to find real-time business information, meaningful insights, and other solutions to their problems, the business value grows over time. It improves business agility and provides a novel approach to accelerating your team’s overall efforts.
Does the SAP Team Bot assist in enhancing user experience and help in boosting engagement?
The SAP Teams bot provides a consistent user experience. Users do not need to leave their current workspace or navigate through screens to find the solutions to their problems. On the Teams app, the bot provides comprehensive solutions to user problems. This indirectly improves employee engagement and meets user needs in real-time.
Is the SAP bot secured enough?
SAP provides every user with persona-based access. Because it distinguishes the identity of each individual user based on their Individual ID in Azure AD, it only provides specific data to specific individuals. This ensures that data is kept as secure as possible. It only shows relevant data to people who need it.

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