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Give your potential customers an easy way to get in touch with you with the Facebook Chatbot. Now enhance customer interaction and engage with them in a personalized manner.

Engage with over 1.5 billion Facebook Users

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Reach your target audience on a channel they use the most and pass on real-time information with Facebook chatbots. Being the third-most active user platform, Leverage the Facebook chatbot to reach a wider set of audience.

Run sponsored ads to retarget potential customers who have been scrolling your Facebook page and reduce the acquisition cost by 9x. Spread more awareness, keep up with the conversations and convert these high-intent customers into SALE, all with a Facebook Chatbot.

With Facebook chatbots, you can construct scenario-based dialogues for your audience or human-like, highly automated conversational flows. Chatbots can respond to consumer questions exactly like a human agent would and automate 80% of the repetitive inquiries.

Understand what is working and what’s not, analyze deviations, use the right marketing tactics, and understand what your audience requires. With Facebook Chatbot’s insights and detailed analytics ideate the right strategy and convert those potential customers.

Connect with your audience and engage with them in a highly personalized yet communicative manner. With rich and powerful conversation drive more conversions and captivate your potential customers to stay till the end.

Be readily available to your target audience 24*7 at every point of a customer journey with your brand and offer much more to them along with support. Enable users to browse products online, directly make payments securely and build dynamic relationships in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook chatbot?

A bot powers a series of automated conversations and responds to frequently asked questions from your customers via Facebook Messenger. They explain about your product/service, how they work, collect customer information, and provide useful content to nurture the end-user towards a sale.

What is the purpose of a Facebook chatbot?
An AI-powered conversational tool is developed to help businesses in reaching out to, connect with, sell to, and provide excellent support to their potential customers through Facebook Messenger.
Is a Facebook chatbot necessary for my business? 

Chatbots are designed to handle thousands of queries at once. For medium-sized and larger businesses, a Facebook chatbot can be used to respond to visitors in real-time without the need for a human agent.

Is Facebook chatbot free?
No, they are not free, but they are available at the most affordable prices available.

Initiate a conversation with your users using a Facebook chatbot today.