How WhatsApp Chatbots can Improve Customer Experience?

WhatsApp has taken gigantic strides within the past few years and has become one of the most popular messaging apps all around the world. Besides being a messaging platform, WhatsApp has marked its presence as a brand-customer communication platform. Millions of brands now prefer adding conversational commerce to their offerings.  

The technological advancements have taken over the generation of WhatsApp chatbot that is used to communicate with customers regarding product availability, address urgent customer problems, order confirmations, delivery updates, billing-related problems and more. In a nutshell, brands can use WhatsApp business platform to acquire leads, promote products, and offer 24*7 support online through customer support channel.  

We live in an era where customer experience is the core priority as it can drive 5x revenue than the brands who do not offer good customer experience. Having this in mind, let us look at some of the ways we can use WhatsApp Chatbots to upgrade customer service experience:  

  • Making commercial communications more conversational. 
  • Get contextual data that can be used for bespoke customer experiences. 
  • Re-engage dormant customers and abandoned carts. 
  • Offers robust post-sales support.  

Since WhatsApp is a feasible utility platform for most of the customers, it can help brands to comfortably get user feedback, and resolve common support queries quickly. Using AI Chatbot and WhatsApp together keeps your business up round the clock. With WhatsApp Chatbot, brands can make their potential customers feel valued by reaching them easily.  

A WhatsApp chatbot is a quick and easy way to communicate with potential customers regarding one or the other thing. Let’s have a read further to know in detail.   

What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot enables a brand to automate the sales and customer support on WhatsApp. It is software that can also be considered as an artificial intelligence program which helps businesses stimulate human interactions leading to better and faster customer experience.  

Manually connecting with every customer with consistent business growth is a big hassle which in turn results in longer waiting time on responses and lower customer satisfaction. This is where AI-powered chatbot comes in the picture which lets you close the customer queries quickly with no longer wait times. Integrating WhatsApp bot to your business platform eases the process of assisting customers on the platform they tend to like.   

What is the role of WhatsApp Chatbot in increasing customer satisfaction?

WhatsApp is a trusted messaging platform used by customers worldwide and has become an integral part of customers’ lives. Not only this, with the rapid advancements in technology and more focus on business communications, WhatsApp is also one of the most used communication tools across many.  Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, businesses today are required to integrate WhatsApp chatbots for better and faster customer experience.  

Here’s what these chatbots can provide your business-  

  1. Build brand’s popularity amongst the target audience 
    WhatsApp is used by almost 2 billion people worldwide and is one of the biggest messaging platforms even used by businesses in almost every industry today. Businesses that are already using WhatsApp chatbot are far ahead in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction as they took this step in the early times leading to business growth and profitability.  
  2. Secure and GDPR compliant communication platform 
    WhatsApp chatbots follow high-end security as the messages received on WhatsApp are encrypted which does not invite any fraudulent activity. Besides this, WhatsApp is GDPR compliant which does not allow businesses to send any messages until and unless the user has opted in.  
  3. A bundle of excellent features 
    WhatsApp chatbots or WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with amazing features where they can set conditions for the messages to be triggered and sent based on factors like working hours etc. Besides this, it is a multi-media platform where messages can contain images, documents, videos, and more.  
  4. Economical and easy-to-use tool  
    WhatsApp Business API can be adopted by medium and large businesses to offer WhatsApp chatbot and a CRM to manage conversations with multiple logins. Using a WhatsApp bot needs no coding experience as it is easy to implement, user-friendly, and can boost customer interaction.  

Benefits of using WhatsApp Chatbot  

  1. Personalised conversations using analytics-
    WhatsApp bot can understand the human conversations using the structured data it receives. Besides this it analyses the data such as geolocation, history, and the devices used to build a personalised conversation. 
  2. Instant responses to the FAQs-
    WhatsApp chatbot allows businesses to automate the communication processes to get instant responses through FAQs. It further eliminates the need for the human agent’s assistance with general enquiry calls. 
  3. Round the clock customer engagement-
    It is not possible for human representatives to be available for customer queries 24*7, and this is where the bot solves the game. It never sleeps or take breaks and ensures no questions from potential customers are left unanswered.  
  4. Live chat experience-
    WhatsApp chatbots are designed with multi-agent CRM through which the entire team can engage with the prospective customers at a given time. It helps businesses offer live chat experience no matter what hour of the day to ensure complete support and satisfaction.  
  5. WhatsApp Ads-
    Besides many features like live chat experiences, 24*7 support etc. WhatsApp bot allows businesses to run ads to attract more customers and drive qualified leads. Using WhatsApp ads, a brand can redirect its customers to their WhatsApp landing page.  
  6. Message Templates-
    WhatsApp business API also comes with a great feature I.e., WhatsApp message template, which helps you keeping your customers engaged and informed about your brand. A brand can use these templates to send updates related to orders, payments, and more. 
  7. After-sales support- Customer experience is derived after providing better services
    to the end users. After-sales support is one of the features that can be integrated into the bot to resolve customer query at the earliest.  
  8. Help guides and information-
    Since WhatsApp can be used to share multi-media content, the businesses can use this as a benefit to educate its potential customers about the brand and the products/services it offers.  

Integrating and implementing WhatsApp chatbot to your business not only enables you to improve customer experience, but also lets you enhance overall sales, provide instant customer support, boost customer retention and more.  

Where to use WhatsApp Chatbot? 

WhatsApp chatbot can transform your business and can add a positive impact across marketing, sales, and support departments. Besides this, it helps in adding an extensive value to the business and its processes. Want to know how? Read further!  

WhatsApp Chatbot can offer-  

  • Omnichannel Support-
    A business can use WhatsApp chatbots strategically to maintain an active presence across channels, be available for customers wherever they expect and conduct smooth interactions. It further enables your business to streamline conversations under one single platform ensuring better customer experience.  
  • Lead Qualification-
    Integrate AI chatbots can segment your customer base using the data collected by the bot. The data includes all the useful information such as- email, age, gender etc. All these attributes are used while automating the lead qualification process to nurture leads.  
  • Customer Analytics-
    A bot works efficiently for the betterment of your business and for this it is important to understand the customer behaviour. Let go the manual efforts and let your bot do it for you. Use WhatsApp bot to collect user data and track their overall purchasing behaviour.  
  • Product Information/Display-
    With WhatsApp chatbot integration, it becomes easy to enhance the visibility of the products/services offered by your brand. Using this personalised bot, a brand can send in promotional messages to the customers regarding upcoming offers, webinars etc., to see a spike in conversions.  
  • Customer Service Automation-
    More than 70% of the prospective buyers believes in getting a better customer service by brands to build loyalty and credibility. It states that a brand requires to focus on customer-centric approach and therefore, customer service automation is an important step to consider. It results in quick and real-time responses, productive agents, and empowered customers.  

Would you like to integrate a bot for your business?

We hope you now understand the importance of customer experience in every business and how using a WhatsApp chatbot can help you! It not only provides automated support but also encourages you to improve your existing customer relationships and attract new prospects through improved quality of service. 

Want to know more about WhatsApp chatbot or WhatsApp business API? Request a demo with us today!  

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