Legal Matters: A Rap Breakdown

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Yo, listen up, I got some legal tales,

From cyber law to family law, all the way to federal sales,

Started with my daughter-in-law’s birthday card,

Personalised just for her, ain’t it cool, ain’t it hard?

50th birthday cards that you can’t find anywhere else,

Unique designs that will make you wanna belt,

Out your love for her, show her you care,

Now let’s move on to legal aid, I swear,

It’s hard to find a solicitor near me,

But with the right help, you can definitely see,

That justice can be served, with laws in place,

Speaking of laws, what’s the deal with sticker number plate?

Is it legal or not, I need to know,

Before I go and stick it on my car, bro.

Cyber law’s another thing, for social media we use,

To connect and share, but there’s a legal abuse,

That we gotta watch out for, gotta be aware,

If we’re gonna thrive in the cyber warfare.

That’s enough for today, more to come, stay tuned,

For more legal insight, to help you be immune,